Modules: New Xoops Chat version

Posted by: Anonymouson 2003/9/10 10:56:35 12299 reads
XoopsChat V 1.2

New PREVIEW-Version!

+ Admin can create numerous chatrooms
+ Groupaccess function for chatrooms
+ Members can be banished from chat
+ Shoutbox inclusive
+ Private chat with ONE member is possible
+ Invitation to private chats can be denied
+ Various options (wordwrap-function for Shoutbox, disallow HTML etc.)

- Works only with register_globals ON
- Guest are NOT allowed to use Shoutbox or chat
- No templates

All problemes marked with "-" will be solved in the next version! This version is not bugfree but working quite stable. Important: Before installation read the Readme.txt for apologies and installation hints.

@Translators of Xoops Chat: I took the translations from the CVS version, but for the spanish / dutch / italian / french language files you have to do some translations again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Have fun/success with this new chatversion

francis (a.k.a. frankblack on