News: Site Update

Posted by: onokazuon 2002/1/31 12:45:45 4757 reads
As you can see(?) we have updated our site to the current development version RC1.6.
You may not see much difference from RC1.0, but we have been mostly working on security enhancements, bug fixes, and more code reusability for future develpment.

One of the new features we have introduced is XoopsBB codes, which will let users compose html enabled posts without actually using html tags. Yes, it is the same with what other forum scripts out there have, but with more usability, and is used not only in the forums but in comments, and news posting sections as well.

We've killed most of the bugs we've been receiving, but we are human, there may/should be some more of them we've missed or have been unexpectedly created by adding new features. Also there are still some we are working on to be fixed in RC2. If you find more bugs on this site, please report them at our bug reports section and we will work for that as soon as possible and get ready for the release of RC2.