XOOPS: Xoops in the Media

Posted by: toleranson 2003/8/16 14:44:01 3971 reads
Xoops is noted in an article (http://www.issho.org/modules.php?op=m ... News&file=article&sid=960)
by journalist Tony Laszlo (http://www.issho.org/modules.php?op=m ... index&pagename=LaszloBlog) in Japan's American Chamber of Commerce Journal (http://www.accj.or.jp). In addition to introducing web-based collaborative system to a corporate audience, the writer raises two questions - albeit somewhat indirectly - that are perhaps most important for readers of xoops.org:

1) Will (open-source) content management systems help cut down on the large amounts of data being sent back and forth between workers/collaborators?

2) Will these largely iso-8859-1 / Western-centric systems be able to cater better to non-Western end-users -- or will end users choose local grassroots initiatives (when such alternatives exist)?