YAXS: Novell using XOOPS for new developer site

Posted by: BoobtoobOn 2003/4/25 17:14:53 6225 reads
I just thought I would toot the XOOPS horn here a little. Novell has opened a public site for developers which is based on XOOPS (RC 3.05 with what appears to be numerous enhancements). We're in contact with the developers at Novell since they have graciously offer to send us their enhancements so that we can determine if they would be helpful or useful for XOOPS 2.

A blurb from the Novell site:
Novell Forge is a place where developers can form communities to share ideas, experiences, news, documentation, tips, source code and configuration files about their individual projects within a secure environment. To get started, open an account and add your project to Forge.