News: Ask Michelle, Weekly Report - RC2 Update and Themes, Changelog as well

Posted by: malexandriaon 2002/1/25 22:32:06 4479 reads
Hello All, Here's the latest update from the Xoops Team. We are now debugging RC 1.3. If everything goes well, we may be releasing RC2 by this weekend. At which point we'll institute a code freeze. Then you module developers can "go to town" and start creating cool modules for the community. If you module devs want to create fun modules, I would look at our current poll and at the very least start developing those modules (although the team is already at work on those, I don't know what the eta is for them). SUPPORT SITES Since so many people want to be support sites, we're thinking about holding a contest for Support Sites. I'd appreciate any feedback from the community and support site folks on the best way of going about doing this.

I'm thinking the winners will all receive our dev versions of software. Which I'm thinking about instituting anyway, giving our support sites copies of all our latest releases, so you guys can better support the community. Only thing is, if we do, we don't want these packages getting out to the general public. THEMES While we love the fact that you guys are already creating Themes, please wait until next week to work on themes. As we recently changed the structure (look at the changelog below for the changes). Goghs has created the Theme Manual that the team is looking over now. I hope to release that next week. CHANGELOG FOR RC 1.1, THE RC 1.3 PACKAGE IS MORE BUG FIXES January 2002: Version 1.0 RC1.3 ======================= ** Security fix ** - thanks to JM, we can now prevent most of the CSS attacks by malicious users. ** News module ** - admin can hide/display topic images for each story, and select their display position (right or left). ** Forums module ** - some cosmetic changes - shows "online" status of each poster ** Comments ** - split the comments sections into small files - shows "online" status of each poster ** Themes ** - themeindex() and themearticle() merged to themenews() - added themesidebox_right() for right blocks (if this function does not exist in theme.php, themesidebox() will be used) ** Others ** - many bug fixes (install bugs, downloads module path bugs, etc)