Modules: XOOPS Gallery Hack/Update

Posted by: BoobtoobOn 2003/4/9 5:46:32 12591 reads
Ok, I took the great work Ono did on XOOPS Gallery and expanded on it a bit. This module has not been tested by anyone except myself and will probably still have bugs. If you come up with a fix, contact me so that we can get it incorporated. Any and ALL support questions should be posted in the forums, I will NOT answer emails regarding this module or any other XOOPS question. I do this so that everyone can benefit from the Q&A.

1. This release of XOOPS Gallery include a random image block that will scan the entire album directory for thumbnails created by XOOPS Gallery and display them in a block.

2. The templates were modified a bit to unclutter the main gallery page because if you had a lot of sub-galleries (as I do) then the page was hard to navigate. These are not standard issue templates and you may want to play with them to that they are to your liking.

3. I tweaked the PageNav code a little to suit my needs and make things a little clearer.

Disclaimer: Neither the XOOPS Gallery or this hacked version of XOOPS Gallery are official modules so, please keep this in mind when installing and using.