News: and xoops... family matters!

Posted by: nexiaOn 2002/1/21 19:38:00 3991 reads
work in progress: is a PN site for now, but not for long. i just wait xoops to be released stable.. :) is a site that offer services and activities for parents, families... target of the site: parenting, pregnancy, information, fun, discussions, etc...

the reason for this News is that my site, as many guys here already know, have many improvements regarding modules, tools and blocks. i'm going to release these modules to the re-coding talent of Xtrem-dj, one of the french team of xoops, and we will work together to port all of my 33 modules/blocks, so we'll be offering different solutions for xoops maincore.

the other reason i'm publishing this News is that will open a development section onsite, where other developpers here in the xoops community can bring their talents and ideas, to find solutions, designs, translations, and talent, to build new tools, to make xoops the best made CMS ever... (what a project)

the third reason why i start this News is that will become multi-language site soon... just need to have some other guys that want to participate as parents, admins, or moderators in that project. this site is intended to offer support, services, creation of new sites and hosting for any parenting/family/childhood sites that would need our services.

so if you are a parent, or will become soon, and you want to participate on that site, just give a call... we'll be online soon (little server hacker made junk with logs)...

-need ideas for modules that would help non-profit organisations, groups, and family sites.
-need parents and friends that want to participate in the building of the biggest parenting site of the globe.
-will have many implementations for xoops soon!

-=nexia out!=-