Modules: myAlbum 1.0.2 and 1.1.0 (beta)

Posted by: danielblueson 2003/3/26 14:45:48 4499 reads
After a really long wait, two new myAlbum releases. Some new features for the old 1.0.0 version and a beta release for the 2.0 Xoops.

myAlbum 1.0.2 - for the 1.3.x series
myAlbum 1.1.0 (beta) - for 2.0.x (RC2 tested only (yet))

(Click for better description)

Only english and portuguesept are updated, I need some help with the others langs.
(the tranlators credits are missing I will fix that ASAP)
I will try to support it better this time, for that we have a new xoops site
(support Forum)