Developer News: Xoops2 API documentation!

Posted by: w4z004On 2003/2/21 13:49:18 5898 reads
I went ahead and started documenting the core API for Xoops2 using phpDoc, as you can see in the CVS. The generated doc can be viewed at

The work is far from complete, because I started in the kernel classes working my way out. It will be updated as more code gets added.

Important Notice to everyone writing code:

You all should read my introduction to writing phpDoc API documentation: (Check once in a while, it might change a little as we discover new best practices.)

Since Xoops has a lot of code and I don't want to do this forever, everyone should document the code they write(...part of the xoops coding standards)! When you come across code that isn't documented yet, take a minute and write some doc for it. After changing any code, make sure that the documentation is still correct and up-to-date.

My work on the core classes is just to help get the documentation started. In the future everyone is responsible for documenting ALL CODE THEY WORK ON! Don't be put off by this. You will see it isn't much work and even helps you better understand what you are doing.