XOOPS: New Bug Reporting Procedures

Posted by: Boobtoobon 2003/2/21 19:45:00 4286 reads
With XOOPS getting close to release, it's getting VERY hard to keep up with what's a bug and what's a user error from reports in the forums. So, the XOOPS team has decided to finally use the bug reporting facilities within Sourceforge (Tracker). You will need to create or have an account on Sourceforge to submit a bug. Sorry, no anonymous bugs

The rules are simple, please follow these easy guidelines before submitting a bug report:

1. Check/Search the XOOPS Forums, FAQ and Wiki for your problem or similar reported bug
2. Make sure the problem IS reproduce-able (try to make it happen at least three times)
3. Report bugs ONLY in the bugs section, feature requests go to the features request section.
4. Be very clear in your report as to what the symptom is, the error code reported and module(s) affected and how to reproduce the error
5. Chose the proper "Category" and "Group" when adding a report to the Tracker
6. Please report your PHP environment (i.e. Apache/PHP versions, whether register_globals is ON or OFF, OS, etc...)
7. Please use English when reporting

Some closing advice. If you get a blank page, please try this little hack first to get an error.
1. Edit the /include/common.php and modify lines 105-107 (or find the equivalent if you've changed something) from:

if ($xoopsConfig['debug_mode'] == 1) {
//if ($xoopsConfig['debug_mode'] == 1) {

Then edit copy and paste any errors into the report.
Good luck,