XOOPS: Smallworld 1.15 RC 12

Posted by: culexOn 2013/4/17 19:40:00 7475 reads
This release is concentrating on bug fixes and adjusting javascript on the newer jquery 1.90+ versions wich has changed a lot of functions as well as removing others.

The module does have new functions though.

Smallworld is a module to simulate a social network system. Add friends and follow them to keep track of updates .

New in this version.

For admin.
- Make module accessable for visitors.
- Choose wich users can post in home page.

For users
- Private user settings (let visitors read your comments / post in homepage - if not all they will see is a message to register).

Allround new.
- Added a permalink icon to all posts to open in new window if there is a lot of comments attached.
- Sanitizing content for xoops (making xoopsCode, smileys etc available)
- Updated most javascript including new version of image uploader for gallery, jQuery, Bookmarks etc.

A few new language defines also. I have merged english text in language files but here they are

/docs/lang_diff.php (or find them in files)

See demo here. (only admin is avail in startpage for testing)

Download here

Feedback / suggestion / bugs here