Modules: MyLinks 3.11 RC2 Ready for Testing

Posted by: zyspecOn 2013/3/7 8:10:00 6603 reads
This is an RC release, please do not use it on a production site!

Mylinks is a XOOPS module that allows an administrator to create a series of website links. The module provides the ability for other users to submit sites for inclusion in the list which can be monitored by the administrator and then approved if desired.


  • Category support to put links into a logical order

  • Uses XOOPS search to search the title and description

  • Can screen shots stored locally or automatically create them using a 3rd party service

  • Create QrCodes for links (requires QrCode module)

  • Create link PDF

  • Print link Information

  • Tell-A-Friend feature to email information about a link to someone else (uses XOOPS Captcha)

  • Users can rate links

  • Links can be bookmarked using various 3rd party services

  • RSS / ATOM feeds

  • Flexible display of page headers, menus, etc

  • XOOPS blocks - Display random link, most recent links, Display most popular links

  • Supports usage of XOOPS Comment and Notification systems

  • User can report broken links

  • User can submit link for inclusion in the list

Code changes since v3.11 RC:


  • added templates to xoopsversion for rss, atom and pda templates

  • added missing files for template administration


  • addSlashes issue for a link's description and title

  • link count per category calculation routine

  • frontside admin link to modify a link (from ./admin/index.php to .admin/main.php)

  • do not allow voting on inactive links

  • approve/edit/ignore action buttons on listModReq form(s) in Admin panel

  • form title on Modified Links page in Admin panel

  • missing '< / div >' in ./templates/mylinks_link.html

  • incorrect url to view category in Random Link block

  • incorrect category displayed when listing Modified Links in Admin panel


  • admin templates from xoopsversion. They did not exist and were not being used

  • "Make this my Homepage" link, security risk and was only supported in IE


  • html template(s)

  • html rendering by moving hard coded English strings to language file(s)

  • security in forms - many forms now use XoopsSecurity tokens


  • Tell-A-Friend to use server mailer form instead of user's email client

  • ereg_replace to str_replace in bookmark_qrcode_encoding() function

  • revision to RC2

System Requirements:

  • PHP 5.2.0

  • MySQL 5.0.7

  • XOOPS 2.5.0

  • Modulesadmin Class 1.1

Special appreciation to Cifug for his assistance in testing and invaluable suggestions for this release. Without his help the time it would have taken to get this release ready would have been increased significantly.

Important Notices:
Please read the INSTALL.TXT file for installation and configuration information. Mylinks 3.11 will be the last release supporting folder relocation.

Backup your existing site before installing/upgrading any new XOOPS module.

Download: XOOPS Mylinks 3.11 RC2

Bugs/Feedback: Please post in this thread on our Forums