Modules: xThemes 1.5 Beta has Arrived!

Posted by: bitceroon 2012/10/26 18:40:32 8080 reads
xThemes 1.5 Beta
xThemes 1.5 beta has been released and is available for download from the downloads section of Xoops Mexico. This new version is a complete rewrite of the module, which improves performance and gives greater functionality, while allowing the design and development of better XOOPS themes. It is very important to know that this version is not compatible with earlier versions of xThemes. This means that themes developed for earlier versions will not work in this version because the framework has been changed radically.

Among the new features available to xThemes 1.5 are:
✔ Multi-theme support. ✔ New multi-level system menus that can be integrated into the theme. ✔ New configuration system for themes that allows to develop themes more quickly and a more easily uses. ✔ Better integration of the themes with the whole system. ✔ Support for theme plugins and smarty plugins. ✔ Global availability of xThemes classes and methods. ✔ Preview themes before being installed. ✔ Multi-language support for themes. This means that items can be easily translated.


I invite you to download the module from the downloads section of Red Mexico. If you have questions or comments please use our forum (Spanish) or if you want to report bugs you can do so from our Assembla space. Take a look of Inception Theme for xThemes and verify why xThemes is great!