Themes: Default Theme Modified

Posted by: timgnoon 2012/5/23 17:07:28 6519 reads
Several changes were made to the default theme of xoops, and among them we can mention the current of I tried to keep as much as possible the primary features and adding just a few lines of code and files in a sub-folder.

The most interesting thing is definitely deleting all html tags table, although it remains the table selector in the css file.

The images were modified from the logo which has a three-dimensional light than the default logo.

The images have been added to the titles of blocks, header and footer.

It was deleted the tag html fieldset, which was located in Central blocks, and instead of tags legend, was added to the tags h3 for only title of central blocks.

The structure of theme is also easy to modify if you want to adapt to your liking, the selectors have only a few properties, nothing difficult.

If you want to view a Demo!

You can Download from TXMod Xoops Site

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