XOOPS: Win prizes by converting XOOPS for Windows Azure

Posted by: Mambaon 2012/3/29 10:28:59 6479 reads
We are very happy to see that XOOPS has been selected as one of only seven designated PHP Frameworks for a programming contest in Poland using Windows Azure.

In the "Basic" category of the competition to goal is to run on Windows Azure a ready PHP code.

The participant chooses one of the prepared PHP frameworks and modifies it to run on Windows Azure. Number of changes as compared to the original version has an impact on scores. List of available frameworks:

phpBB by Przemo
Sugar CRM CE

Participants should prepare and make ready to run one of the above PHP framework (like XOOPS) on Azure platform. Any solution must:

- work properly running on two or more instances
- work properly even when making HTTP requests sent by the client with a gap of more than 1 minute (and properly handle among others the session)

In this programming competition you can win:

XBOX360 console + Kinect + set of games or XBOX360 console + Kinect + 1 game

More info: http://konkurs.php.pl

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Konkurs-PHPpl/398228336854104

Please consider participating in the competition:
- you might win a nice cash prize
- you'll make XOOPS run on Windows Azure

You need to register by April 6th

There is also advanced part where you can win 10.000PLN (~3,000 US$) or 5.000 PLN (~1,500 US$).