XOOPS: Xoops Dutch Startpage Daughter

Posted by: Evjemoenon 2003/1/28 2:53:03 4123 reads Today, 28-01-2003

The Xoops Dutch Startpage is renewed. After starting as a full Dutch Startpage Daughter only in November 2002, it was time to change, so I renamed the blocks in a Binational Way >>> English & Dutch.

So far the major change is the setup of the page in three columns:

Left >>> English only
Middle >>> International
Right >>> Dutch only

Hopefully this will make it more accessible for all Xoops users throughout the world.

If you would like to show off your Xoops Site, please mail me the link at xoops@pagina.nl, or use the mailform found on XOOPS.PAGINA.NL

Any comments on changes, improving or expanding are welcome...

With kind regards,

Mike Track

(Ps. Spanish Support's new adress already changed)