XOOPS: The Dutch speaking XOOPS community has moved!

Posted by: Anonymouson 2012/1/15 23:08:03 4625 reads
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The Dutch speaking XOOPS community website has moved to a new domain, NLXOOPS.NL Despite of the fact xoops.nl could still be used we have chosen to move to a new domain. Owning a new domain gives us independency, we want to leave the past with quarrel and a painful lawsuit behind.

All existing xoops.nl user accounts still work on NLXOOPS.NL, just use your familiar username and associated password to login to the new website.

Existing xoops.nl forum posts have been migrated to the new support forum on NLXOOPS.NL Please use the NLXOOPS forum for new threads or follow-ups to existing posts.

Filling the downloads section on NLXOOPS.NL is still work in progress. In the meantime it is possible to download modules from the xoops.nl repository.

Moving to a new domain cost us a lot of work, we are still busy fine-tuning and eliminating imperfections. In case you notice a failure or problem, please let us know!

Was signed by the core members of the Dutch speaking community,
Renetjuh, Shine and Flipse