XOOPS: XOOPS 2 CVS changes

Posted by: Boobtoobon 2003/1/21 23:05:00 5164 reads Starting today, the CVS version of XOOPS 2 will have all languages removed until the product is ready to release. Don't panic, we're relocating the language files to another CVS module. If you need a language other than English, you can check them out from CVS and copy them to your XOOPS 2 installation. To see what we mean, please browse the CVS repository.

This helps everyone by:
o Reducing the size of the CVS downloads
o Making it easier to incorporate language corrections without breaking other CVS files
o Makes it easier on you since you won't have a bunch of language files lying around taking up space.

Once XOOPS 2 goes production, we'll either move the language files to the install so that only the language you need gets installed or we'll have the install download the appropriate language files during the install. We'll get back to you on this.