XOOPS: XOOPS Translation Teams using Transifex - calling for Volunteers

Posted by: MambaOn 2011/12/29 20:10:00 9232 reads
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We've started building XOOPS Translation Teams using a Web-based tool called Transifex (http://www.transifex.net)

Who could volunteer to help us with that?

If your language is not there, please let us know and we'll add it there.

We would like to have at least one native speaker on each team. Of course, we can have more than one Coordinators for the team.

Please register on

and apply to the following teams in:

Below is the list of current languages, and people who have volunteered to help with translations and coordination. Obviously we need more, so please volunteer.

Arabic (Saudi Arabia) (ar_SA)- Coordinators: arabxoops , mariane
Bosnian (Bosnia and Herzegovina) (bs_BA)
Bulgarian (Bulgaria) (bg_BG) - Coordinator: ep98
Chinese (China) (zh_CN) - Coordinator: hunnuh
Chinese (Taiwan) (zh_TW) - Coordinator: tad0616
Croatian (Croatia) (hr_HR) - Coordinators: sadistiko
Czech (Czech Republic) (cs_CZ) - Coordinators: ZPC
Danish (Denmark) (da_DK) - Coordinators: anderssk
Dutch (Netherlands) (nl_NL) - Coordinators: Cath22, flipse, Ritchie, poehoes
English (United States) (en_US) - Coordinator: Mamba
French (France) (fr_FR) - Coordinators: Philou
German (Germany) (de_DE) - Coordinators: computermobil, gizmono, Sittel
Greek (Greece) (el_GR) - Coordinators: ksilas, kakos
Hebrew (Israel) (he_IL)
Hungarian (Hungary) (hu_HU)

Italian (Italy) (it_IT) - Coordinators: txmodxoops, Defkon1
Japanese (Japan) (ja_JP) - Coordinator: keiichishiga
Korean (Korea) (ko_KR) - Coordinator: wanikoo
Malay (Malaysia) (ms_MY) - Coordinator: ybk78
Norwegian (Norway) (no_NO)- Coordinator: Runeher
Persian (Iran) (fa_IR) - Coordinator: voltan
Polish (Poland) (pl_PL) - Coordinator: tomaszstempkowicz
Portuguese (Brazilian) (pt_BR) - Coordinators: Andrax, Edipinho
Russian (Russia) (ru_RU) - Coordinators: Deka87, MACTEP
Serbian (Serbia) (sr_RS)
Slovak (Slovakia) (sk_SK) - Coordinator: chaoos
Slovenian (Slovenia) (sl_SI)
Spanish (Spain) (es_ES) - Coordinators: bitcero, oswaldo
Swedish (Sweden) (sv_SE)
Thai (Thailand) (th_TH)

Turkish (Turkey) (tr_TR) - Coordinator: ThE_lAmP
Vietnamese (Viet Nam)