XOOPS: The return of XOOPS nature

Posted by: phpppOn 2011/8/13 3:40:00 19022 reads
Dear XOOPSers,

It's time for the XOOPS Project to stop useless fights and return to its nature of an open source project.

During the past years, we have all suffered from endless arguments and quarrels and the project has been damaged too much.

The root of the fights has been the authoritativity and legality of the project's management unit.

In 2003/2004, the Project Founder was forced out.
In 2006/2007, project manager and dev lead quit.
Now in 2011, the conflicts between project marketing coordinator and core team lead have put the project on fire again.

In 2004/2005 a foundation was created by project manager and in 2009 another foundation was created by marketing coordinator and the most big thing the new foundation did was to spend money suing the previous foundation.

Both foundation claimed they would support and protect the project, but the truth is that the only thing they did was to sue and defend on court, which has proven that:
Neither of the foundations can protect the project, both of the foundation creators put their personal will over the XOOPS Project.

Meanwhile, the project management unit, Project Council, which was supposed to lead and manage the project, has failed. By early August 2011, two out of the five council members became inactive, two of the remaining members keep arguing with each other.

To stop the endless fights and arguments and let the project go back to its right track, I talked to XOOPS Project Founder, Mr. Ono Kazu and suggested him to return to the Project.

For the good of XOOPS Project, I am willing to take any responsibility and punishment. Thus I did the following things by myself:
1 Both phppp and mamba quit from all management units, as well as mamba's foundation
2 Give XOOPS server root access, sourceforge admin, xoops.org webmaster access to onokazu
3 Add three XOOPS long term contributors to help maintain the project during the transitional process: marco, long term QA; kris, the only active council member; voltan, a loyal contributor with no interest in arguments.

I, phppp, as the Core Team Lead till 2011/08/13, am ready to be judged for the sake of the XOOPS Project.

Welcome back Ono Kazu, long live XOOPS!


Taiwen Jiang (a.k.a. phppp)
Resign from Core Team Leader on August 13th, 2011