Modules: FmContent version 1.04 RC4

Posted by: voltanon 2011/5/16 8:04:46 5807 reads

in this version we fix some bugs and improve templates and review all codes. Now It's ready for test by users and if we don't have any bug's we can public final version on weekend.

This version change log :

- Fix error on permissions when there is no topic (Mamba)
- Fix some html errors in templates (Voltan)
- Add page title for pages and topic (Voltan)
- Fix Breadcrumb (ianez - Voltan)
- Fix fmcontent_Url if topic title not exist (Voltan)
- Fix fmcontent_AjaxFilter (ianez - Voltan)
- improve all templates (ianez)

Big thanks to ianez for help in module test and improve all templates.

you can download this version from here