Modules: Xortify 2.48 - Cloud Protection for your Site

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Xortify - Fortify your XOOPS.

Xortify is a network security drone that uses Web 2.0 techniques to link between your XOOPS installs and other via a Server Cloud. This will prevent security intrusions to your xoops with accurate deceptive notation of the intruder and prevent any farmed attacks. It is an accessory and required Protector to be installed an running to be part of the hookup. Otherwise it will run without protector just make sure you deselect protector as a provider.

It will display a template if you are banned and is an accessory to protector or any other firewall technology. The site itself is driven from and mirrored at .. Cloud computing is web 2.0/3.0 stuff it used a SOAP or JSON, XML or Serialisation to exchange on the API backend to work, this will eventually be included in xoops as a support class.



A cloud computing process is one which staggers multiple networks sometime and mainly unknown to the webmaster into a network or cloud of data. In this example it is IP and Netaddy names to control access lists.

One of the comments I got was most people are unsure what xortify does. Well essentially it provide anti spam from as well as protection from project honeypot if you have a xortify username (Signup in the software).

What are these well xortify itself maintain a ban list based on Protector the popular protection application for XOOPS which staggers all users of the software. However you system will only submit to the cloud after you signed up which you can do from within the software.

So Stop Forum Spam which is partly what Xortify is for so if your a forum author or someone that authoring software and you are wondering how this interacts with xortify, you can create an option which with a xortify username and password someone by the webmaster can be banned by calling the API for SPAM, this includes username and email address. This will also place the individual on stop forum spams watch list as well. I suggest you talk to me if you are having problems writting the API code but you can reuse the features in this module.

It also provides banning from Project Honeypot which monitors the internet for Harvesters, Spammers, Comment Spammers and Search Engines. Also the software provides levels which you can choose in your application for the stop forum spam settings and project Honeypot.

Essentially this is additional software which you run ontop of protector or by standalone for protection from harvesters, spammers, comment spammers and bots. It will only provide full protection when you have signed upto the xortify cloud.

Xortify is a cloud solution to protectors Bad IPs, if someone attempts to hack your site and becomes a bad IP it will then send the IP to the Ban Cloud on and its paired cloud It will also poll the server to make sure it has the latest ban list so your website will be aware of malusers before they attack through farming IP from services like Google or bing.

Whats New in this feature
  • IP Checking on Xortify Plugin - New API function

Bugs Fixed
  • Log Pagination with Sort Field
  • Ban Pagination of Ban List
  • Ban Notice on Project Honeypot (Cleared Printr)

Download: - 150Kb
Server: - 1.5Mb