YAXS: Handi-occasion again to beauty

Posted by: tataneon 2011/5/8 4:19:36 4995 reads
I am pleased to present the new version of Handi-occasion.com

For info, handi-occasion.com is a FREE classifieds site entirely dedicated to people with disabilities and reduced mobility.

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any registered member can sell:

* Manual Wheelchairs
* Electric Wheelchairs
* adapted houses
* Vehicles equipped
* From the home automation equipment
* stair lifts

And lots of other equipment for people with disabilities.

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It also includes a discussion forum where all registered members can discuss anything related to disability.
This new version has been developed from Xoops 2.5.1 and also with the modules:

* Adslight (adapted by Yannick Le Guern)
* Liaise
* SmartPartner
* xmmemberstats
* Publisher
* Newbb 1.16