XOOPS: Xoops Engine Alpha 2 Is Released

Posted by: phpppon 2011/5/2 7:52:13 13792 reads
Today we are proudly to present XOOPS community with Xoops Engine Alpha 2 release.

Since the Alpha 1 Release in January 2011, there have been many progresses in Xoops Engine development. XOOPS, or eXtensible Object Oriented Portal System, well known as a leading open source CMS and portal system, now becomes a development engine for web and mobile applications.

XoopsEngine, as the new brand of the XOOPS Project, supports open and extensible engines backboned with its multi-engine architecture. By taking advantages of PHP frameworks like Zend Framework, template engine Smarty and AJAX libraries like jQuery, the Xoops Engine brings the Project to a new generation.

Some selected features that are most wanted by community available in Xoops Engine:
* Built-in cache mechanism for high performance
* Clear M-V-C with AOP and event hook
* Extensible URL rewrite for better SEO
* App/module clone and theme inheritance for application extension
* New model mechanism for easy development with less code
* New layout/block/widget for flexible and better user experience

After Alpha1 release many developers have started to contribute to Xoops Engine development, including well know developers from other open source projects.
Some of the new progresses in Alpha 2:
* Namespace for apps and modules
* WYSIWYG editor factory with CKEditor and jQuery based ClEditor
* Security handler and resource, added XSS filter, IP protection, super global contamination, etc.
* Block and theme mechanism improvement
* Protection for config files
* First Xoops Engine themes by insraq and voltan
Special thank goes to Xoops China Team.

For more details please check:
* Xoops Engine Development: http://www.xoopsengine.org
* Follow us on twitter: http://twitter.com/XoopsProject
* Discussion: https://xoops.org/modules/newbb/index.php?cat=11

Don't forget to download Xoops Engine Alpha 2:
* The full package
* Only the new engine
And report your issues to: https://github.com/xoops/engine/issues

Taiwen Jiang (aka phppp)
Xoops Engine Development Team
April 30th, 2011