YAXS: aphex the 5th!

Posted by: aph3xon 2011/2/26 19:26:01 3673 reads Hello, I'm Erol but you might know me as "aphex" and I make themes for XOOPS. Today I launched the 5th version of the themes site you all got to know for some years as Aphex's Themes. The most important change about the site is not the design... The most important thing about the site is the system used, and now is proudly powered by XOOPS (again). The change brings a lot of changes to the structure of the site and a lot of changes to the designs I put up for download, and you will see next week what I'm talking about as a new theme will be published to my download section. For now, you will notice that ALL free items have disappeared and registration is no longer possible. Altho free items will still be published by me, they will no longer be available on the themes site. Regular users have been removed and only the users with active subscription can still login ( unfortunately they will need to reset their password ) As for the old themes... I had a chat with Michael ( Mamba ) and it was decided that since they won't be available on my site, they need a home... their home will be XOOPS's theme gallery and so they will soon be made available to download here on xoops.org Anyway, drop by and check out the new old website and you can read all about the changes... HERE Oh and yeah... prices dropped on everything ;) Thank you