Modules: Need help on testing new version of content module

Posted by: voltanon 2011/2/26 19:22:07 3784 reads Hi all

we are working on a new version of Content module ( by Nicolas aka ForMuss) and I think it's ready for test . if you have time please help us to test and debug this module .

please download and test from here

some of the changes :

1- Complate menu system
2- Add tag module support
3- Add Comment support
4- Improve templates and design
5- Support XOOPS search
6- RSS
7- Add Bookmark whit show/hide option
8- Add facebook/twitter/Google buze shear logo
9- Add some options for show/hide information in user side
10- Advertisement
11- improved blocks
12- Attach image
13- Permition system
13- Default content for each topic

Planned for this version:

1- check friendly url mode
2- select submenu
3- multi columns

Planned for next version:

1- Submit page in user side
2- Show/hide summary table in each article static page
3- Add navigation box
4- Add Notification support