Modules: Xim 1.02 final

Posted by: culexOn 2011/2/1 12:44:32 11188 reads
Finally Andrax and Culex have decided to release XIM (XOOPS Instant Messenger). The module started as individual messengers, Andrax(XIM) & Culex (Instant Messenger) but as the 2 was working to do almost the same, ended up as a teamwork to add as many features to the project as possible. After some difficulties and a LOT of tweaking, modifying, debugging and testing, we now feel it is ready to share with Xoops Community, officially that is.

XIM is an instant messenger á la facebook/gmail messenger. Originally it was made to look exactely like facebook messenger, but sometimes design takes a different route, besides this is for xoops and not facebook so styling is in small areas different but in all, it works in same way.

Frontend.: It features a small block or a footer bar to show all online users. When clicked on the name the messenger window opens. The messenge box accepts xoops codes and smilies, and will in the chatwindow show your avatar with your messages and the other persons avatar with his/her messages.

You can change message sound or use no sound, as well as change your status (online, away, busy, or offline). If you're busy and you recieve a message the other person will recieve an automatic message back that you're not there or your busy. If you're offline your name will not be shown in the block.

The windows are specially skinned from admin-side. (sticky, White, Black, Alert, Default) and they are fully drag'n droppable.

When clicked on the message-windows name (the name of the person your talking to) you'll be taken to this persons profile.

It has icons in top right corner for minimize, dock and close window. Minimize will reduce the size of XIM window to minimal but still keep in dragged position on the screen. When docked the windows will be show with avatar in the footerbar (bottom of screen). If the message window is docked the avatar will blink when this person writes you, if window is in screen it will shake slightly to catch your attention.

You will from admin settings be able to choose full footerbar (full width of bottom screen) or tiny (well smaller than the width of the screen)

Admin: In admin you can see module info. When a new update is ready (bugfix, critical or normal) you'll automaticly see this message in admin + description of changes and a link to download. You'll be able to see activity statistic (todays most active user, overall most active), Send message to all users. This will allow you to send a message to all users in the site. This message will be shown as message from Admin with a special avatar for system message and the users will not have possibility to reply (like a special message). And finally you'll have a tab where you can clean up old logs from Db + a tab with settings for the chat.

Setting: In settings you can choose "Show footerbar yes/no", "Type of footerbar: tiny/full", and "Skin type of message window"

svn.: Download from xoops svn (currently down)
Mirror: Download from