Modules: IXTFramework 1.0.4 Final released

Posted by: algalochkinon 2010/12/20 7:02:20 4286 reads Resized Image

IXThemes Project offers you the NEW Release of IXTFramework Module for XOOPS.

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What's NEW in 1.0.4 Final Release:

- A new CATALOGUE submodule has been created.
- THEMES submodule has been updated.
- New icons for ALL submodules (for RMCommon GUI) has been added.
- Horisontal menu bar in the RM Common Utilities is used jet.
- Activate Theme (Set default theme) from a THEMES table is possible jet.
- Description field in the SLIDESHOW SCENARIOS table has been added.
- Addon Links from Index/Dashboard into submodules has been added.
- CONTROL AREA3 (Chameleon Mode) field in the ASSIGNS table has been added.
- Intuitive Symbolic icons in the PAGE LAYOUT table has been added.
- Intuitive Symbolic icons in the TOP BLOCKS LAYOUT table has been added.
- Intuitive Symbolic icons in the BOTTOM BLOCKS LAYOUT table has been added.
- Some comments in code has been added.

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STANDARD IXTFramework Features:

- Full support jGrowl redirect messages for XOOPS 2.4.x, XOOPS 2.5.x;
- A XOOPS preloads property is supported. (for XOOPS 2.4.x, XOOPS 2.5.x);
- Check an incorrect theme structure;
- Compatible with CMS: XOOPS 2.3.3, XOOPS 2.4.x, XOOPS 2.5.x;
- Compatible with Modules: RM Common Utilities Rel.#2.098 by Red México;
- Intuitively Clear Interface;
- jQuery Tooltips with a Slide Effect (XOOPS 2.4.x, XOOPS 2.5.x);
- 5 Preestablished Theme Assigns Styles;
- You can create 3000+ Assigns Styles;
- Unforgettable Index Page of the Module;
- All Icons in One Style;
- Absolutely FREE.


You can download IXTFramework 1.0.4final in ZIP-archive or in 7Z-archive.