Modules: Xortify 2.25 - Cloud Computing for Protector

Posted by: wishcrafton 2010/10/18 22:57:18 4350 reads
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Xortify 2.25
Cloud Computing Sentry for Protector

This was my first title with the use of API's and a cloud server. Cloud computing is all the rage now and even yoursite with any later xoops 2 will be able to be a cloud with the right plugins written.

This applet for XOOPS allows you to maintain the ban list in the cloud, whenever someone attempts a security intrusion in xoops and you are running xortify it will pick up this ban and pass it onto everyone in the cloud, preventing xoops from being farmed or having a farmed attack.

Once someone is banned by protector, that is put into the bad ips bin, xortify will port this IP and details to via an API, this is then distributed to everyone else within the time frame you have xortify cycling on. If the person gotos that site then they are assumed banned being on the clouds IP range and displays a ban notice.

The bans are also aggregated via RSS on the site as well so you can even tweet about a ban. This is a must for any security conceited individual and I can highly recommend it. Personally I think this is the addition feature protector is missing and this applet should be included in all distributions.

Where can I download it from?

Direct: (114Kb)
Mirror: (114Kb)
SVN: (114Kb)

What has changed?
  • cURL Routines are all working
  • fURL Open Routines are all working