XOOPS: Upcoming 3.x and 4.x release information

Posted by: Boobtoobon 2002/12/2 21:30:00 5059 reads
The XOOPS team would like to take a moment to try and be as clear as possible about some upcoming XOOPS releases. As everyone knows, XOOPS RC4 is due out soon and RC3.05 is the stable build for the moment. As with any project, when you embark on making as many core changes as we have with RC4, not everyone will want to upgrade until modules are developed and bugs are squished.

So, here's the plan. The XOOPS team will have two versions, the RC3.x branch and the RC4.x branch. As we explained above, it will be a while before RC4 is considered by some users as stable which is why we will continue for a short period to release RC3.x versions to fix bugs only.

The XOOPS team feels its necessary to release 3.06 in the coming days to address the few remaining bugs we know about. Again, the 3.06 release is meant to be a bug fix release for those remaining on the RC3.x release for a while. We are communicating this in hopes that everyone will not raise the flag and ask "Why are you releasing 3.06 when RC4 is around the corner?". Now you know, we consider these separate versions.

We hope that this will clear up any confusion as to why we're releasing builds so close together.