Hacks: Xoops reCaptcha class v1.00 beta

Posted by: Catzwolfon 2010/7/25 15:00:00 7446 reads
What is Xoops reCaptcha?

Xoops reCaptcha is class that will allow users to add and use reCaptcha widget to prevent spam being posted on their website.

This class can be used in conjunction with the Xoops Captcha or it can replace it all together, with just few lines of code.

While this class can be utilized by anyone, it is aim more at Xoops developers wishing to add reCaptcha to their code.

The class is cleanly written and has developer comments to help aid you in it's usage and there is also documentation within the package that will explain how to add the required calls to make it work.

For its usage, you will be required to create a private and public key and these can be entered one of two ways (Again, this is explained in the documentation).

Xoops reCaptcha, can be used in two ways, either within XoopsFormclass or statically through its own API and methods.

There are examples of its usage within the documentation.

Xoops reCaptcha v1.00 is beta and should not be considered ready for a production website, but used to help with further development.

While I have tried to make this as easy to use as possible, it is not for total beginners. If you require help with this class, I am sure people at the Xoops forum will only be to glad to help out.

You can download this class from the following:
Xoops reCaptcha v1.00

Please submit bugs and features here:
bugs and feature requests