XOOPS: New (unofficial) Dutch translation team

Posted by: DylianOn 2010/5/28 20:40:00 4974 reads
As many of the Dutch XOOPS users know there is still NO Dutch translation for the XOOPS 2.4 series and many of the new modules.

This has to change, and since I didn't get any response from the leaders of the "official" Dutch translation team on the status of the translation, I decided to start a new team.

This new team will be communicating through Google Wave and hopefully this will make the team more productive.

If you are interested please send a mail to webmaster [at] xoops-info.nl**
(Replace [at] with @ and remove the spaces between the words).

What do we expect of you:

- That you have atleast one hour of free time per week to translate.
- - Although we would be VERY happy if you have more time to translate.

- That you'll respect the rules we've set up.
- - You will find this rules in your Google Wave inbox when you join us. (Don't worry there are just a few basic rules )

- That you have a Google (Wave) account, or ready to accept an account from us.
- - You can always get an account from us if you wan't, your mail/wave adress will then be: username@vertaalteam.xoops-info.nl .

And please remember, XOOPS is powered by YOU .

** You can also apply to the team by responding to [THIS] forum post.