XOOPS: XOOPS Installation Guide 2.4. in Russian language

Posted by: omeechOn 2010/2/18 19:50:00 6106 reads
xOOps-ORG.ru which is aliased domain 55region.org created the document: XU-002 XOOPS Installation Guide 2.4.x_RU. This document is a guide to install XOOPS on Russian language(XU-002 on the specification document XOOPS). This guide is modeled on English-language original document. Russian document substantially reworked and adapted for Russian users. Here is a brief table of contents:

Description XOOPS
Features Setup
Upgrading from previous versions
Update not UTF sites
Converting database from CP-1251 in the UTF-8
Update for editors
Hosting and FTP
Translation XOOPS
Useful tools

The document should help ordinary users to easily and quickly install XOOPS on virtually any hosting Russia. Described in detail the installation process, potential problems during installation, gives recommendations on selection of the host. Describe step by step action when upgrading to newer versions. Now, using the recommendations from this document, you can easily have transferred the site to cp-1251 encoding to UTF-8 (in the original document such recommendations are not available).

Applications will deal with the new admin interface CMS, an overview will deal with the management of hosting and transfer files via ftp, as well as improve the security system. The document will be useful not only for beginners but for advanced users.

Format in PDF
Format in XPS

xOOps-org.ru also created the assembly of the first Russian ModulesPack
In cp-1251
In utf-8

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