Modules: Indexscan 2.0 Released

Posted by: culexon 2009/12/2 9:50:00 4567 reads
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Indexscan scans your webfolders to see if you have folders without index files. Should it find a folder without index.html, index.htm, index.php or index.php3 it prints out the location and you can then descide weather to manually place a new or use the automatic create link and automaticly create index.html files in all folders that are missing.

The tool is only accessable through admin in your site.

I have now released indexscan as a version 2.0.

Changes are.:

- Added search words "fromCharCode","%69%66%72%61%6D%65","document.write(unescape(" to search words in iframe scan, to look for encoded javascript includes
- Spiced the scanning up with some highlighting javascript + some jquery for the scan and messages with lazy load
- Excluded the modules/indexscan from the iframe scan. The description and functions contain multible iframe-words and thus always gets caught in the scan.

- french translation and style css corrections (thanks Kris_fr)

Default english translations have been added in all language files. Feel free to send me in your language so I can change to correct language.

Note: PHP 5 required

Download from here