Modules: Olédrion, the Xoops e-Commerce module now in version 2.31

Posted by: instantzeroon 2009/10/8 16:50:00 12581 reads

We are happy to announce you the immediate release of our e-Commerce module for Xoops,Olédrion version 2.31.

This version is important for two reasons :
- It correct several bugs
- It brings new functionalities like the possibility to choose columns count in the pages, a plugin system, wish lists and above all products attributes

Update from a previous version
If you are updating the module since a previous version, recopy the new version on your site (and be sure to erase old files) then update the module in the Xoops modules manager.
Then, be sure to go at least one time in the module's administration so that it updates the database.

New installation
Copy the files to your site the install the module in the Xoops modules manage.
Don't forget to set the parameters of the Paypal gateway, to set the module's preferences and to have a look to the file config.php (at the module's root).
The module requires Php 5

There were some changes in the translations, they are listed in the file called lang.diff available at the module's root.
There are also some indications on what to change in the changelog.php file.

the modules now comes with UTF8 versions of the french and english translations.

Modifications made to the module
- Code refactoring
- The block used to show categories can now show all categories unfolded (useful if you need to create a scrolling menu)
- You have 2 new options to select the columns count on the module's index page and on the category page
- The page used to show the list of recommended products was added to the Xoops menu
- In the orders manager, you can now see the total of your orders
- Addition of wish lists.
- The module does not use anymore extJs (the module is lighter of 6 Mb), so the "all products" page was changed
- Corrections in the module's administration, in the part used to manage files attached to products
- Correction of a bug in the PayPal's Gateway
- You can set a message to display on the checkout form
- Some changes in the gateways structures
- Bug correction in the CSV export
- Addition of a new option to enable clients to enter their VAT number
- Addition of a new block : Recently Sold
- Correction of several bugs in the cart, be sure to update your templates
- The product's page now uses a lightview effect to show the product's picture
- You have a new tab, "blocks", to see the module's blocks
- The module will automatically update the monetary fields in its tables to decimal(10,2) to accept billions
- You have a new preferences called "Maximum products count to display before to replace the list with an adapted list".
When the module reach a certain count of products, they are too much to be seen in the module's list so the module replace this standard
lists with a new kind of list (and search).
- The module now uses jQuery intensively
- Several bugs corrections when a product is removed
- Addition of products attributes
- You can now use and create plugins for the module (see the "plugins" folder for examples)
As an example, the notifications on a new product and new category are made with plugins

Payment gateways
you should soon buy some payment gateways for this module.

You can download this new version on XOOPS SourceForge
on Google Code :
or on Sourceforge :

Happy e-Commerce with Xoops and Olédrion,
Instant Zero