Modules: Xurl - available for download

Posted by: chco2on 2009/9/1 0:10:00 6262 reads
Resized ImageXurl is proud to announce the immediate release of the Xurl for XOOPS.

About the module
> ETT Xurl Module is a XOOPS CMS module used to shorten long urls for use in e.g. Twitter.

> ETT Xurl Module can shorten urls back to the root of your website, or use a seperate domain/service.

> ETT Xurl Module can sanitize urls in complete texts, ready to be posted on e.g. Twitter.

> ETT Xurl Module can restrict clicking on a shortened URL if a user is not registered to your XOOPS website.

> ETT Xurl Module function can be included for use in other modules (e.g. a RSS feed creator, chatbox or Twitter poster).

> ETT Xurl Module keeps score on how many hits an url has.

> ETT Xurl Module can be setup to receive an URL shorting request from other websites.

> ETT Xurl Module is fairly easy to setup and the module is well documented.

Thanks to Trabis for keep sending me (Charly) into the right direction!

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