Developer News: Xoops-Miniservers (portable localhost development)

Posted by: Gopalaon 2009/8/7 5:40:00 10730 reads
The Xoops-Miniservers Project provides WAMP mini-servers (Apache + MySql + Php to Windows) with the CMS XOOPS (Content Management System Xoops) already installed and ready to user's customizes.

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The miniservers available (until now) are:







Xampp (lite)

Main features:

Index page (welcome) integred to Xoops directory and documentation (docs, on these versions, incomplete).

Xoops 2.3.3 already installed and configured.

Admin Modules package already installed and configured: Altsys 0.7, Avaman 0.21, Backpack 0.93, Contact 1.6 (with captcha), Membership 2.3, Mysearch 1.1 (with bugfix), Xoopscare 1.3, Xoopsmembers 1.1 and XT-Temas 1.0.

Blog package already installed and configured: Mastop Publish 1.1 (with bugfix to Xoops 2.3.3) and AMS 2.51 final.

Custom server generated directory indices (with Snif - simple and nice index file).

Apanel servers, phpMyadmin, Xoops and modules translated into portuguese (of Brasil).

All servers are portable.

Change logs, allowing easy upgrade and expansion of translations.


The Xoops-Miniservers Team