Modules: Formulize 3.1 goes Final!

Posted by: jegelstaffOn 2009/7/12 23:50:00 5783 reads
Formulize 3.1 has been moved out of release candidate status, and is now final. In addition to the new Getting Started Guide that accompanied the RC1 release, we have produced two more pieces of documentation:

How to Design a Formulize Application -- an overview of the thought process that goes into taking your real world requirements and translating them into Formulize. If you were ever not sure where to begin with Formulize, this document plus the Getting Started Guide should get you off on the right foot. (The downloadable workshop is a great starting place too).

Inside Formulize: a Developer's Guide -- a very high level overview of the flow of execution through the code as a page is rendered, and also some reference material about the common classes and data structures that Formulize uses. This should be useful to any developer wanting to wade into the code and looking for a few landmarks along the way.

Download all the files and docs from

The 3.1 release includes many improvements over previous releases, including major database optimizations and new data-centric features, like true data typing in the database, and derived value elements that are stored in the database just like real data.

This is the first time in the history of the Formulize project that a release has been officially declared Final. We are very pleased to be able to provide such a full featured and well documented release. We hope it helps you do great things with your websites!

--The Freeform Solutions Team