Themes: The IXThemes Project is present on Google Code too

Posted by: algalochkinon 2009/5/22 16:50:00 5832 reads
Welcome to IXThemes Project on Google Code!
IXThemes Project on Google Code We are glad to inform you, that thanks to XOOPS users our project develops and grows as well. Basic part IXThemes Project takes places on Sourceforge hosting. Unfortunately for last two weeks complaints of our clients to bad quality of access to the sources of our project located on Sourceforge have become frequent. To relieve our users of excitements in this respect we have arranged the themes sources from IXThemes Project on Google Code too. We sincerely consider, that innovative themes and templates for XOOPS Project can be developed only with application of innovative methods in the course of working out by themes and templates, namely with application of such revision control systems as Subversion or Git. At development IXThemes Project we try to help with all cases to XOOPS Community, placing links on XOOPS. We hope, that this our modest contribution leads to increase numbers of XOOPS users and XOOPS fans. You can see IXThemes Project on Google Code here We wish you all the best of luck, IXThemes Project