Modules: XPETITIONS 1.10 BETA 1

Posted by: informatuxon 2009/5/22 9:20:00 5314 reads
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The first beta of the new version 1.10 of the module XPETITIONS. Please test it, so we can make sure to correct all bugs, before we release it as a stable version.

Due to lack of time, the module was tested only on XOOPS 2.3.3. Thank you in advance to all the testers for testing on other versions.

"XPETITIONS" is a module for multi-language on-line petitions developed for xoops v.2.0.x.

It enables you to manage as many petitions as you wish, extract the signatories to CSV file, to decorate your forms of signature by controls captcha, etc.

Here are the new features of this beta version:
- [ ADMIN] management of captchas (choice of 3 captchas)
- [ ADMIN] management of the signatures display (column, line, information in signatures)
- [ ADMIN] dashboard with detection of the parameters of the smooth running of the module
- [ ADMIN] modification of the update and remove icons
- [ ADMIN] modification of the tabs color (rollover)
- [ ADMIN] modification of the help display (icon)

- [FRONT] Signatures: bold Stake of the letter of the consulted signatories (can be updated in the style sheet of the module)
- [FRONT] Signatures: Display according to parameters (update in the administration)

- [MISCELLANEOUS] Modification of the antislashs Xoops function in chains(channels)
- [MISCELLANEOUS] A new table SQL (options of captchas and signatures)

You can download this version here :