XOOPS: Government of Parana releases its new Website powered by XOOPS

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The new Web portal of Government of Brazil's State of Paraná went live on March 24, 2009, at www.pr.gov.br. This new tool of governmental communication was presented at the weekly meeting of the School of Government, by the President of the Companhia de Informática do Paraná (Celepar), Mr. Vanderlei Iensen.

Among the main features of the website are:

* the visual model: using color to differentiate between the subjects for their relevance
* ease of maintenance and access to government services statewide.

Since 2005 XOOPS is the system of choice for all Websites run by Government of Paraná and there are over 300 of them.

You can see the portfolio of the Government of Paraná Websites powered by XOOPS here

We are extremely proud that the Government of Paraná continues to power all its Websites with XOOPS, and is doing such a great job showcasing the capabilities of XOOPS.

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They also have a support site for their XOOPS users: http://www.xoops.pr.gov.br/

Congratulations to all our XOOPS friends in Brazil!!!!