XOOPS: Some post rules here, please

Posted by: wandereron 2002/1/28 13:05:20 4091 reads
Hello dear here,
Welcome here and Thank you like this program and give us many help ,suggestions. But sometimes we have different idea and point. It can make progress also some argument. that's No prob. but please not here, you can use mail or PM to talk about your different Point. We don't think it should be posted at Forum. The forum is only for the Xoops use ! sugest, idea, bug repports etc!! So we have the rule here.
If the users Fight or argue at the forum. First time,we will delete those posts and Banned the user post for two weeks, the second time, we will not welcome the user and will delete his account.
So If you love our project, please let here clean, just talk about the program. No argument , no fight. That's all. Thanks.