XOOPS: Design Contest for XOOPS Giftshop

Posted by: Mambaon 2009/1/8 15:00:00 11338 reads
In order to generate funds to cover the cost of hosting our servers, we have opened a new Cafepress Shop, and we want the community to help us design cool and unique XOOPS images for t-shirts, mugs, caps, etc.

We hope to have lots of winners as we need many designs, so open up your favorite graphic editor and bring out the artist in you!

The prize for winning will be fame and fortune as people all over the world will wear your design and drink from your scribbles...

Of course you'll have to hand over all copyrights for your design to the XOOPS Foundation to be able to participate...

There are no deadlines on the 'contest' as we know deadlines are creativity killers, but we would love to see some first designs in January. So work in your own pace, and create the 'WOW' effect with your design

For more info and the rules, please visit our GiftShop module (developed by Rune Hauge from XOOPS Nordic)

And we have already place for our Winners - click here...

Resized Image Resized Image Resized Image

You can buy these items and many others already today!!! Click here