XOOPS: XOOPS mentioned as one of three CMS projects for 2009

Posted by: Mambaon 2009/1/2 7:00:00 7142 reads
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Dave Porter in his 2009 Web Predictions mentions XOOPS as one of the three Open Source projects where web developers are moving to for running their Web sites:

The open source community thrived in 2008 and AXcess News predicts that in 2009 the web will go through an "open source revolution" of sorts. We credit much of that to Google's browser and how mobile providers have been going down on one knee to adapt it. Mobile computing is one area where open source has attracted more developers, probably due to the popularity of mobile web activity. Mobile internet access is a big part of 2009's growth market, though more of the web development community is shifting to the popular content management systems offered by Drupal, Joomla and Xoops for running websites.

It's always nice to start a New Year with a news that journalists see XOOPS as one of the top CMS Open Source projects for 2009