YAXS: Another Site on xoops 2.3- Academy Of Life

Posted by: nmshahon 2008/10/25 22:30:00 6341 reads
Academy of life is a charitable trust working towards making people self empowered to live there lives happily. Its a sister concern of International Academy Of Life.

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The site is based on the following modules:
1. Mastop publish
2. Smartsection
3. Extgallery
4. Tell a friend
5. Multimenu
6. Marquee
7. Iframe

And Xoops 2.3.1

I will like to thank all the xoops community, for providing such a great CMS. For somebody with no programming knowledge I have been able to make 3 sites with it and I am sure many more are to follow.

Also just let me know of how you find the site and the ways to make it better.

Thanks again.
btw site url http://aolonline.co.in