Modules: My Tabs 2.1

Posted by: trabison 2008/9/5 14:20:00 8492 reads What is mytabs Module (v2.1) ?

With this Xoops module, your can create blocks with several tabs an blocks inside.

The module can :
. Create any blocks you want (just clone the original)
. Create any pages (holders for tabs) you want so you can choose in the block what page to show
. Create any tabs you want per page
. Create any blocks you want per tabs
. Set group view permissions per block/page, tab and block
. Set time based tabs and blocks (auto-expiring)
. Set blocks side: left, center or right.
. Choose from 9 different page/block layouts
. Use how many blocks you want in the same page or not (just clone and set them)
. Many other goodies like cache, position, scroll, width, Show/hide other divs, link tab to url, onmouseover selection, etc

Demo here:

Support here:

Download here:

Changes made after 2.0 Release

=> Version 2.1 Final (2008-09-04)
- Improved: Css margins and paddings, bottom border added in jquery.css and shadetabs.css as in original files.

=> Version 2.1 RC2 (2008-09-02)
- Fixed: Some css were fixed to look alike in IE and Mozilla.
- Fixed: Javascript bug in IE when not using 'on mouse over'
- Fixed: Xoops 2.2.x bug - Impossible to select menu class in blocks administration.
- Added: Possibility to use mytabs blocks inside a mytabs page (use this with caution).
- Improved: Blocks with same 'uniqueid' will not display to avoid conflict.

=> Version 2.1 RC (2008-08-31)
- Improved: 'css' folder removed and 'menus' folder added, new menus are now added as folders containing the style.css and the necessary images.
- Fixed: Css conflicts. Css files and templates were changed, some IDs turned into Classes and were renamed.
- Added: Five new menus added.

=> Version 2.1 Beta (2008-08-30)
- Added: XOOPS 2.2.x compatible
- Added: content is displayed in tabs using 'link to'
- Added: Tabs with 'link to' can now work with 'revealid' (must have onmouseover enable)
- Added: Horizontal bar to prevent hidded content in browsers pf low resolution.
- Fixed: bug in javascript that would cause it to crash if the 'revealid' was not present on page.
- Fixed: No more limitations! You can now use several mytabs blocks with delay>0(scrolling) in the same page.


Works in xoops 2.3.0, xoops 2.0.16 and > , xoops 2.2.x

Tested with php5 and php4.