YAXS: Acida Software uses XOOPS again for its site

Posted by: vamptrixon 2008/9/1 4:40:00 5289 reads After a few months of using Pluck, we needed a more powerfull website, with a nice download system, because our server couldn't hold all of the downloads, and Pluck doesn't has a downloadsystem at all. So we used Wordpress, while we were preparing our new website, which looks better then ever!

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Check it out: Acida Software

Installed modules:
Mastop Publish
and has the theme EXM applied (for the admin panel)

The theme we use on the site is based on the Zenlike theme, but I've modified it heavily to suit more in the Acida Software-style.

We're using XOOPS 2.3 because it's simply the best CMS we've ever used, easy but yet powerfull, and easy to get it up and running.