Themes: UPDATE: EXM-based Admin Theme for XOOPS 2.3

Posted by: Mambaon 2008/8/1 7:10:00 9802 reads One of the great changes in 2.3 is that we can have now individual Admin Themes, that you can select from the Administration Panel. It all started with the very innovative work done by ForMusS with his ThAdmin theme. This caused phppp to rewrite the Core for 2.3, so it could accomodate more of such Admin themes.

I was always a big fan of the great work done by BitC3R0 with his XOOPS EXM System, so I've decided to take advantage of the new architecture in 2.3 and to convert the Admin Theme for XOOPS 2.3.

Resized Image

Download here...

To install, you just need to copy the content of the zip file to:



And thanks to BitC3R0 for this very innovative contribution to XOOPS, and to phpp for making several changes to my conversion!!!