Modules: XOOPS Web Tools Module

Posted by: Anonymouson 2008/5/2 17:10:00 10817 reads is happy to announce you the release of an improved version of the Xoops Web Tools module based on PHP-Nuke Tools ver 3.0 ( ).

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The XOOPS Web Tools module is one of the most helpful modules. Whether you are developing for XOOPS or want to write a module or block really quickly, or even if you just want to learn how modules, blocks and the rest works in XOOPS, you will appreciate its help.. It offers features such as:

- HTML to PHP/ASP/JSP/Perl/Javascript/SWS
- XOOPS Module/Block Creator
- Meta Tag/Scrollbar/Popup Creator
- Source/HTML/URL/Email/Rot-13 Encoder
- Online HTML Editor
- Hex Colors
- Previewer
- Duplicate Remover

Demo: click here

Download: click here

Tip Especially recommended for beginners (but not only)!

If you are a beginner in XOOPS, have just started your very first module or block, but you get errors and don't understand why? Give it a try with the XOOPS Web Tools Module or Block Creator! It will help you see what you were missing and will also give you a feeling of how code looks before and after it is "XOOPSed".

I would like to express my "Thank you" to Catzwolf for fixing a bug and to Mamba for his help and tips.

Mowaffak Ali