Hacks: Improve your site speed with php_speedy

Posted by: sroccidenteon 2008/4/12 2:20:00 11944 reads
I don´t know if this will work for everyone, I just want to share what I experienced with this code, I´m not by any means any expert or so, but if work for me perhaps it will work for others, other wise just let me know what do you think

To increase the speed of my site i just do as follow:
I use php_speedy, upload to my xoops folder install it and just include the suggested code to my index.php and it reduced the http request by 300%, correct me please if I´m wrong but from 83 request to just 22 and the average front page load time from 76.57 seconds to 28.49 seconds in a 56k connection is a good improvement,of course nothing is perfect and I had to sacrifice an slideshow, for one or other reason did not like php_speedy.

I check the speed gain with http://www.websiteoptimization.com/services/analyze/index.html
download php_speedy from: http://aciddrop.com/php-speedy, the exact link for downloading is this one: http://aciddrop.com/aciddrop/download/php_speedy-0.4.6.zip

PHP Speedy

PHP Speedy is PHP script that automatically speeds up your website by combining and compressing your JavaScript and CSS assets. It can also GZIP these assets, and the page itself.

1. Download and UNZIP the PHP Speedy package into its own directory (if you haven't already).
2. Point your browser to the PHP Speedy directory (that you have just created)
3. Follow the installation instructions

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